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For VM90/100

  Part Number Jaw Description Price
V00657 Standard £37.99
V00644 Dovetail 70mm £46.86
V00642 Dovetail 100mm £50.15
V00658 Step £50.15
V00643 Dovetail 144mm £58.51
V00649 Multipurpose £155.92
V00650 Pin 25mm expansion only £46.86

V00651 Pin 35mm £50.15
V00647 Long Nose £50.15
V00653 Shark 48mm £50.15
V00654 Shark 55mm £51.92
V00655 Shark 74mm £74.72
V00656 Shark 88mm £80.46
V00659 Pen blank jaws £32.75
V00652 Plastic 125mm £19.78
  V01031 spacer cross for plastic jaw £00.25f
V00400 Face plate ring 70mm £17.59
V00401 Face plate ring 90mm £21.99
V00639 Bowl 220mm £95.00
V00640 Bowl 285mm £97.75
V00641 Bowl 385mm £99.35
  V00002 Accessory pack, bowl jaws £31.43



For VM 120/140/150

Part Number Jaw Description Price
V00695 Standard £44.96
V00676 Dovetail 105mm £50.15
V00677 Dovetail 128mm £58.51
V00678 Dovetail 148mm £60.79
V00679 Dovetail 173mm £70.29
V00680 Dovetail 198mm £80.42
V00682 Dovetail 223mm £93.72
V00696 Step £58.51
V00686 Multipurpose £174.54
V00690 Plastic 150mm £24.37
V00687 Pin 25mm £68.14
V00688 Pin 35mm £75.48
V00684 Long Nose £71.94
V00692 Shark 55mm £55.98
V00693 Shark 68mm £58.51
V00694 Shark 83mm £93.09
V00691 Shark 130mm £95.43
V00402 Face plate ring 120mm £26.39
V00403 Face plate ring 150mm £36.66
V00672 Bowl 285mm £97.75
V00673 Bowl 385mm £99.35
V00674 Bowl 485mm £130.39
V00003 Accessory pack, bowl jaws £31.43


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